My Heart, Your Home: 12/52 ~ Introducing Jelly   

Saturday, 23 March 2013

12/52 ~ Introducing Jelly

Evelyn: Your last day as my only Daughter, my only child. We spent the day digging in the sand and searching for shells. I spent the day enjoying every last minute of you, my baby. You were calm and quiet, knowingly aware that there was a change in the air. I was calm and at peace, aware that our lives are about to change forever but that my love for you will never change, only grow.

Zalia: Your very first breath, your very first touch of skin, your very first moment within the world. A moment that I will never forget, a moment that changed me, the moment that I became a Mother again and you became my second born Daughter. The moment that my heart missed a beat, took a double skip and backflipped into two.

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