My Heart, Your Home: Boo Boo ~ 18 Weeks   

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Boo Boo ~ 18 Weeks

Last night, for the very first time, I felt Boo Boo kick through my tummy and reach my hand. So I quickly woke Anthony from his deep sleep and told him that baby was ready to talk to him and for the next 15 minutes, Anthony lay with his hand covering my tummy and Boo Boo kicked and bounced, rolled and turned. Letting us both know that baby is here and it is real and be ready. I went to sleep last night with a smile on my face and such excitement in my heart.

Today we get to go and see Boo Boo on the screen again, listen to baby's heart, watch them swim around within me. The ultrasounds are such stand out moments for me, within all of my pregnancies. They are moments that I wont ever forget. That very first moment you see your baby, the very first time you hear their heart beat or the moment when their gender is revealed. I find the ultrasounds so helpful in my journey to bond with the baby. To know that they are safe and healthy. A small little insight to what they may look like, the size they may be. It really is incredible. Today I get to have that moment, the moment where I hear the words - boy or girl. I am incredibly excited and unbelievably impatient. 

I am really having trouble focusing on anything else. The preparations for Evie's room to become the babies room (zalia and boo boo), Zalia's room to become Evie's room, they all hang in the balance. My dreams about raising three young women, or two women and a man. Will my future hold bugs and grubs and scabby knees? It will it involve another round of fairies and butterflies and curly long locks? 

18 weeks along, it only feels like a moment in time and in another moment I will be holding a little newborn in my arms. I still can barely believe just how unbelievably lucky we are to be carrying such a miracle. 

Our home is full of love and in time, it will explode with it. There will be giggles and big belly laughs, there will be fights and deep conversations. There will be life, oh beautiful life. I am truly blessed.


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