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Monday, 14 April 2014

A Very Colourful Party

There are actually very few words I can find that would be able to explain to you just how happy this day made me and my family. It was full of women who love my girls as their own, men who have shown my family an incredible amount of support and love, old friends who remind me of who I am, new friends who love us unconditionally, young children who are becoming like family, and family who are always there. 

Each time I think about the smiles on my girls faces across the day, my heart explodes. It was an incredible day that was so full of love, celebration, support and warmth. My family is unbelievably lucky to have these people in our lives. I have come from a background of very minimal support, but today, my families lives are full to the brim of people who would lay down for us if we needed them to.

My girls are blessed to have many, many people in their lives that love them with such intense fire and passion. Not only do they have their parents that will always and forever love them unconditionally, they are lucky enough to have many other adults, who have become adoptive family, who will be there for them in any way that they need (in any way that we may not be able to). They have friends who fill their days with great friendship and laughter. They have love.

I can not be any more grateful or ecstatic.
The party was perfect. I could continue to babble all about my emotions but we would be here all day. So I will leave you with a million photos instead.

The party theme was 'A colourful party' with a warning 'Dress for a paint fight'.
It was simple and yet extremely effective. I did not have to put a great deal of effort into any aspect of the day as I knew the paint fight would be the main attraction.

Friends of mine sat with me and helped make them paper chain backdrop, the only decorations of the day. I think outsourced the catering with a wonderful friend. Anthony and I baked the cake. I was able to source some great art supplies at $2 shops to make an art pack as the lolly bag (they cost about $2.70 a bag). We purchased 30 squirters from Kmart and then a few bottles of poster paint. We premixed the paint with water and filled buckets. We filled water bombs with paint and water and we laid out paint in foils roasting pans with sponges. This gave the kids (and adults) many different ways to be involved in the paint fight, but the squirters were by far the most favourite weapon of choice.

The art packs each included 10 pencils, a small tub of paint, a paint brush, a glitter glue pen, a note pad and some colourful paper with mini pegs. The children that were Evies age each got a pair of scissors.
Oh and a freddo frog for good measure. They were a hit! I received many photos afterwards of the kids at home, covered in paint, painting with their new supplies. 

The girls absolutely loved it, their friends had a great morning and I had the best fun ever organising it and watching it all come together. 

Thank you to all of our wonderful and incredible friends for making it what it was, without your presence, our hearts wouldn't be as full.

We love you

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