My Heart, Your Home: The Bump ~ 34 Weeks   

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Bump ~ 34 Weeks

Yesterday we got to watch you resting peacefully within my tummy. Your family sat and watched you in awe while you played with your feet, practiced your breathing and lived within me. It was beautiful. You were beautiful. You heart is strong, your measurements are outstanding and you are head down and engaged. You are ready and we are ready. It was such a joy, a pleasure, a true blessing to be able to see you again at this late a stage and to have my mind put at ease that you are safe and well and growing. 

Today, your Daddy and I finally found a name that we both agreed on. That we both loved. We wont decide on it for certain until we get to hold you but for now, we have the beginning of names to consider. I truly believe we were both inspired by seeing your little face yesterday because this name just fell into my lap today and I feel like it is you... it is us. I cannot wait to see your little face and be able to put a name to it, wether it is this one or another.

I am still feeling very emotional and very strained, but please know, these feelings are not in anyway related to how I feel about you and your arrival. I love you, so very dearly and I am anticipating you with every fibre of my body. These feelings are about myself and my ability to be a good Mother to you and your Sister. These feelings are about my desire to provide you both with the best possible life and home you can have. These feelings are about me. Not you. You are loved, you are wanted and you are needed.

You are guesstimated to be weighing 6 pound 2 ounces. This scares me, immensely. Your sister, at birth, weighed 7"11. So I will be very shocked to see you be too much bigger than that. But to know you are growing so healthily was such a relief and has really put my mind at ease. 

Jelly, we only have 6 weeks to wait. There are no words to explain just how excited I am for the day to come where I can hold your hand in mine, where I can whisper 'I love you' in your ears, where I can get lost in your eyes. There are no words. 

Its you and me babe, together we will be

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