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Monday, 13 May 2013

Happy Mothers Day

I was reborn the day my first born Daughter was born. The day Evelyn came into my life, it became clear to me that I never really knew myself. I never had purpose. I was a lost soul, flippantly moving through life with no true direction. I was a young girl, lost at sea. But on that day, not only was a child born, a Mother was born, I was born.

Being Mum has changed me in ways I could never fully describe. It has given me true strength. It blessed me with courage and confidence. It created beliefs. It gave me direction. The day my first born Daughter was born, my life began. 

There is something about being Mum. It is a blessing, a privilege, a calling. It is something that you cannot understand, not until it becomes you. I never understood just how important this life would be to me, until I created these lives. 

These two little lives, these two little girls, my girls, are undoubtedly the most important, most special, part of me. I will spend my entire life trying to be for them, everything that they deserve. I will love them and cherish them. I will hold them and kiss them. I will teach them and learn from them. I am madly in love with these little souls, I am whole heartedly dedicated to them. 

I have just celebrated my third Mother's Day, my first as a Mother to two, and I have never felt so full of gratitude and love. I have two perfect little people, who chose me to be their Mother and for that, I will spend the rest of my life thanking them for giving me this blessing. For giving me the opportunity to know this kind of love, for giving me this kind of happiness.

I love you, darlings, my gifts, my treasures, my hearts

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