My Heart, Your Home: Day 2 of a present mind   

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Day 2 of a present mind

Focusing on the positives and letting the negatives slide is a lot harder than I had prepared myself for. I have become so accustomed to focusing all of my energy on the negative moments of a day that I actually forget if the day had any highs. Today, there was plenty of disaster moments and I found myself dwelling on them, I found myself picking up my phone to tell someone about them. But... I am proud to say that each time I began to feel that way I was able to put a stop to it before it even started.

As I sit here to write I have found that my automatic reflex is to write about the things that went wrong, and then tell you about my reactions to those moments. But instead, I have opted to not give them any air. Because in the grand scheme of things, they don't matter and in a weeks time I wont even remember them.

Throughout the day I directed my energy into all the right places. If I found myself frowning, I would consciously chose to replace that with a smile. I chose to slow down and speak to anyone who served me throughout the day and I found that they were all much happier to me in return. I chose happiness, laughter and honesty today. 

I sit here tonight and I feel quite pleased with day 2 of a present mind. I will say, that today I have broken out with foot and mouth disease and even in this state I have made the effort to stay off the couch, active with my children and active in my life. I have given a lot of thought to the person I want to be and for the rest of the month I intend to find that person and keep her here. 

Today was a day of blue skies, drying clothes, cuddles with my girls and much laughter. I made an active choice to replace yelling and rousing on Evelyn with praise and affection and encouragement. I ate healthy, drank plenty of water and generally feel a lot better about myself and my life. 

Smile... and the whole world smiles with you.

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