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Monday, 22 July 2013

Anthony John ~ My pillar of strength

I have talked often, albeit briefly, of the man in my life Anthony - the Father to my two very beautiful Daughters. He is such an integral and important member of my family, of my life, and so I have had a strong desire to capture him in words. 

Anthony is so much more than just the Father of my children. He is the man who changed my life from one of distrust and loneliness to fulfilment, joy and trust. Prior to meeting Anthony I had not had the best experiences with men. I had been abused, taken advantage of, controlled and disrespected. I had very little faith in men and nearly no hope in finding one worth my time or respect. That was until I met Anthony, who saved me from a very controlling and uneasy relationship. Before we were ever together he convinced me, without being truly aware of what he was doing, to have the courage and strength to leave an unhappy and unhealthy environment.

With him by my side, I found an inner peace. I found the strength that I forgot I had and I found trust. Trust that not all men are bad and trust that this one was particularly special. I was to be his "goddess" and he to be my saviour.

Together we have created a beautiful and loving home and a healthy and happy environment for us both to grow, evolve and love. Over the past four and a half years we have had many absolute lows and hundreds of pure highs. The two of us are an unimaginable pair, yet we seem to be able to walk this life hand in hand with smiles on our faces and love in our hearts.

Anthony is calm, kind, gentle and even tempered. He has little to no need for materialistic belongings (other than his surf, snow and cricket apparel), he is very rarely sentimental. He is active, energetic and fun. He has a strong need to be outside and active in order to be happy. He is encouraging. He is thoughtful and loving, although sometimes lacks the right words to portray his hearts thoughts. He is quiet and some times shy. We are similar in so many areas - our sense of humour, our humanitarian beliefs, our goals in life. Yet we are so very different in others.

We have created two of the most beautiful and perfect little baby girls and together we will raise them to be strong willed, compassionate, gentle, kind and loving young girls and women. As co-parents we have many opposing views on how to raise our girls, but mostly we both want the same things for our children. For them to know what love is, to know that they always have a home with us and that they are safe to be whoever they want to be.

Anthony is one of the best Fathers I know. He plays an active part in our children's lives. Always making sure he see's them before he leaves in the morning and kisses them good night. He can be strict in areas, but only when their safety is in danger. He always plays a main role in their life and is fun and loving towards them both, equally. When I watche him, watching them, I know that my Daughters will never grow up to feel the distrust in men that I did. He is a great role model and the perfect Father that will teach them what a real man, a gentleman, is. 

We are equals, within our relationship, our parenting and our household. He is always willing to stand up and help me with the girls or the cooking or the household chores. He is a pillar in our family, he stands up and covers me when I have been unable. He never complains, just gets on with being the best man who know's how. He is always learning and always willing.

He works hard, loves hard and plays hard.

Anthony fills this home with smiles and encouragement. With love and gentleness. Together we have grown and we are forever learning how to better ourselves, for one another and for ourselves. He has filled my life with a joy that I never knew you could have. 

I am his goddess and he is my saviour
I love you, Anthony John, home is where your heart is.

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