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Saturday, 20 July 2013

You are FOUR months old

You have grown faster than I what I was prepared for. I have not been ready to say goodbye to your baby face, your complete dependent-ness, your baby clothes and yet here we are, with you able to hold your head up high, laugh and talk, completely alert and interactive and no longer in teeny tiny baby clothes. 

Your 7kg body is full to the brim with Mama's milk chubbiness. Your cheeks are full and totally squish-able. You hair is thick and growing fast. Your smile is as big and bright as the sun. Your personality is forming. Your baby days are over and we are welcoming your infant days, hard and fast. 

I think back to when Evelyn was this age and she seemed to feel a lot older than how I perceive you to be. I am certain that it is me who is just attached to your newborn stage and not willing to let you grow up yet, rather than you actually being younger

You adore your older sister and she is just about ready to love you to death. I often find that two of you talking and laughing. I walk in to find you wide eyed and doe eyed, besotted by her. Your big brown eyes follow her from length to length, with a whisper of a smile always on your face. 

You have smoothly transitioned into our little family and have become the most beautiful fourth member that we could ever have asked for. We honestly could not have ever imagined a better you. You are wonderful and beautiful and perfect.

You have had a hard entry into the world, as I have talked about before, with your reflux but you have risen above with true grace. You are gentle, a little serious, and extremely loving. Every time you look at me I can see you pupils dilate, swelling with love for me. Every time I look at you, mine do the same. 

You have rolled over from tummy to back this month. You smile, all the time. You are sleeping better, and finally in your bed rather than the swing. You are laughing. You love being tickled, you love stories.

Four months, I truly just cannot believe you have been with us for that long. Every day has been an absolute pleasure and a joy. Watching you grow is a blessing and being your Mother is my calling. This journey was destined for you and me, Darling girl.... are you ready?

I love you, with all my heart, to the moon and back

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