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Friday, 23 August 2013

Happy One Year ~ My Heart, Your Home

My Heart, Your Home turned 1 on August 11th and I totally missed it! I had grand dreams to put together a collaborative giveaway to celebrate the year that was. But, the reality is, that life with a refluxy baby has been somewhat busy and distracted. So I just plain forgot about the giveaway and the blogiversary all together.

So, instead, I will celebrate merely by just saying - Happy One Year - My Heart, Your Home. It has been fun, revealing, therapeutic, rewarding, exhausting and fulfilling. I am proud of the words I have shared and the connections I have made. I feel like I have a very heavily engaged community here and I value each and every one of you who reads, makes comments and shares your stories in return. Some of you had made me cry, some have made me laugh and some have warmed my heart. 

I love that you have gotten to know me and my family. That you share a love for our lives, for my daughters. I love that I am getting to know you and that we are building a supportive, loving and safe place to share our stories and words. 

This blog started as a place to record my days with my children. A place that I can bring them to in the future to remember our lives together. But it has become so much more than that now. It is now a place of friendship and encouragement, a place of love and support, a place of advice and help.

I cannot thank you enough for making the last 12 months what they are. For supporting me through out my pregnancy with Zalia and onwards through our reflux and sleep deprivation journey. I want to thank you for you love of both of my girls, for your kind words. Thank you for shining light into my life when my days were feeling dark. Thank you for instilling confidence and courage within me. Thank you for all of your kindness and support. Thank you for letting me share our story with you.

You, and me, have made this place a very special place that I love and treasure and look forward to coming to. Coming here is like coming home to a group of loving friends. Thank you for giving me a village.

All my love and light,
(Evelyn & Zalia)

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