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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Dear Big Sister

Dear Evelyn,

Your life has recently changed. In the biggest, most shocking way it could possibly change. You have been our only focus for just shy of two years, our first-born Daughter, our baby girl. We have given you the best possible life we could give you and we have filled your days with smiles, laughter, kisses and memories. We have loved you with every fibre of our bodies, with an endless love. You have filled our lives with a happiness that cannot be described.

This week, we created something new. You have become a Big Sister to our second-born Daughter. This week, Mama and Daddy changed your life in the most miraculous way and you have embraced your new life with grace and with ease. We have given you the most beautiful gift a little girl can ever receive. A Sister. A best friend. An accomplice and a confidant. 

The friendship between two Sisters is a most magical friendship and you are blessed to have this little girl in your life. I know that you will both love each other, completely. I know that your relationship will twist and turn, grow and change. You will protect each other, support each other and love each other. I am proud to be able to give this gift to you and I am excited to watch it take its form.

In the last week you have changed, in all the right ways. You have taken on your new role as a Big Sister so wonderfully. You stroke Zalia's head with gentle hands, you ask if she is okay with sincere compassion. You comfort her as she cries and you help Mummy to make her feel better. You watch over her with love in your heart and adoration in your eyes. You are loving and gentle, just like I knew you would be.

I am so proud of you. I watch you, watching Zalia and my heart just explodes. I cannot help but cry, tears of pure happiness. I cannot help but just overflow with happiness and pride and joy. You have always been my soft, gentle baby girl and the way you are accepting your little Sister into your life just makes me know you are always going to be the most compassionate, loving girl I will ever know. You make me so proud, Evelyn. 

You are so excited about your Baby. You wake in the mornings and run to see her. If you wake at night you ask to see her. You look at her and smile. You hold her and laugh. You tell strangers that she yours, "my baby", you say. You love her and there has not yet been a moment where you haven't. 

Mummy loves you Evelyn. So very much. Tonight I sat in bed with you and you held my hands and we talked and played and giggled. I was so happy being there with you and spending that time with you that tears began to fall down my face. I was afraid, before Zalia was born, that I would miss you. And I do. I miss being able to pick you up with every request and give you my undivided attention. But we have a new groove now and I make sure that you and I spend our time alone. I make sure that I cherish the moments we have together. I make sure that you know you are always my girl and you will always be loved. 

I want you to know that no matter where my attention is, you are always in my heart. I want you to know that if you ever feel neglected or forgotten, that you never will be. You own my heart and now Zalia has created another that she will own. But yours will always be there. I will always love you both equally and I will always fight to make sure you know that.

You are wonderful, Evelyn. You are kind and soft and gentle. You are everything and more, than I ever could have dreamed of. You make me, and your Daddy, so truly proud. My life is brighter because you are in it.

I love you, Sweet Darling.
Love Mama

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