My Heart, Your Home: Happy Birthday Anthony   

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Happy Birthday Anthony

I know a man who deserves the world but expects so little.
I know a man with a heart made of gold.
I know a man with the kindest of eyes, eyes you can lose yourself in.
I know a man that is more than worth knowing.

He gave me his heart and I have given him mine and together we made a home, a family and a love that is like no other. It is ours. It is special. It is different. It is a little kooky and very misunderstood. It is us.

Our love is a great love of support, of encouragement, of gentle kindness and together we have turned our love into a child who holds every aspect that is dear to us. Our love is a great love of happiness, of smiles, of silliness and of heart. 

He is me and I am him and together we are us.

Happy Birthday My Honey... you make life brighter, you make smiles bigger and you make my heart swell. Having your hand in mine makes this crazy world, our crazy world and I know that we can do anything we want to just as long as we hold each other tight.

I love you

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