My Heart, Your Home: The Bump ~ 39 Weeks   

Monday, 11 March 2013

The Bump ~ 39 Weeks

I am possibly the grumpiest, achiest, most impatient and irritable pregnant woman alive right 
now. Okay, so maybe not. But I definitely feel like it. My temper is quick. My patience is short. My tolerance is low. I am trying, trying to wake up each day and make an effort to not snap at anyone, trying to smile through the days but the reality is that each and every day is going by just that little bit slower. My ankles and knees and back are giving way a little earlier every day.

I go to bed each night thinking quietly to myself that tonight might be the night, then each morning that I wake up still with baby in my belly I feel a little disappointed. I know that babe will be here when babe is ready and that I should patiently wait. But I am ready now, Evelyn is becoming restless, Anthony is ready at work to be home. We are all ready now. The thought of Jelly not being here for another week, or even two, is deflating.

I am grateful that this pregnancy has been one without any dramas and any real health issues. The only issues involved have been my own psychological state of mind. But I have managed to work my way through these moments. I am thankful for the health of my baby and of myself and I look forward to the birth and the life to follow.

Jelly, I have said all there is to say. You know I love you. You know I am ready for you. You know how much you are wanted. All we can do now is wait and I will continue to try and wait patiently. All I want is you.

Its you and me babe, we will be together soon

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