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Friday, 12 April 2013

Celebrating Two

Before Zalia was born I had put much time, thought and effort into planning a birthday party for Evelyn's second birthday. It became so very important to me to put on a big day for her, with everyone she knows and loves. With an abundance of decorations, a heap of games, a desert table and of course a fanciful cake. I thought she needed it. I was convinced that once Zalia was born she would feel forgotten, unloved and uncelebrated. Not only by me, but by our friends and family who were visiting to meet Zalia. Especially because Zalia was due SO close to Evelyn's birthday.

I planned this said birthday party for ten months. I started with a circus theme, with a box office ticket booth at our front door, games such as throw the clown shoe and bobbing apples. I then decided on a "very hungry caterpillar" theme. Which then turned into a sunshine theme. Until reality set in and I decided that she didn't need games or decorations. She didn't need a desert table and she didn't even need a big fanciful cake. All she needed was to know her family and friends love her, remember her and celebrate her.

So my plans fell to the wayside and I settled for a very simple day and simple celebrations. We began the day with a sleep in. I woke Evelyn for her to find her room full of balloons and Daddy and I singing Happy Birthday to her. We took her to the lounge room where her pile of presents were waiting for her. She had the best time ripping each and every present openly, slowly and cautiously, making sure she placed all the rubbish in a pile. My little clean freak.

We all piled into the car and made our way to the Sydney Aquarium. With Zalia sleeping in the pram it gave me the freedom to hold my Daughter's hand and run from fish tank to fish tank, giggling and squealing in the pure delight of experiencing something new. She was so truly excited, dragging me around yelling "more, more, fishies". I had so much fun chasing her around the place and pointing out the fish, stingrays and sharks and she took such delight in the entire experience. I don't think there was a moment that I wasn't smiling.

We had her favourite dinner, a roast chicken, for dinner. All three of us at the big table, while Zalia slept soundly. Followed by a very simple packet mix cake which she helped to decorate. We sang her Happy Birthday and she blew out the candles. Again. And Again. It was more fun than the eating of the cake!

On the weekend we had her Bebe, Great Ma, Aunty Lex and cousins come over for morning tea. The kids decorated cupcakes and run wild while the adults delighted in playing and celebrating these young years of our children. 

On the following Monday we met up with her Mothers Group friends and we celebrated all of these beautiful babies turning two, and knowing each other, supporting each other and surviving the first two years of our first born children.

Leading up to Evelyn's birthday I felt like I may be letting her down by not organising a big day for her. We put so much pressure on ourselves to perform, come our children's birthday's. But the reality is, all they want from us is for us to be with them. To celebrate them. To play with them. To love them. And that is what we did and we had the best birthday celebrations because of it.

Happy Birthday my little two year old, I love you Dear Evelyn Rose

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