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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Dear 2 year old you...

In the blink of an eye you became a girl. Two years have passed by since you came into my life and yet it feels like only yesterday that I held your teeny 7 pound, 11 ounce body, cradled in my arms against my bare chest. Singing to you, for the very first time, hush little baby. 

It seems like only a moment ago that I gave you your last feed from my body. I wrapped you for the very last time. I remember the moment you rolled over for the first time, the moment you began to crawl and that very first step you took. I remember your first words and your first food. I remember every fall and every single spot I have had to kiss better. I know the songs that will calm you down and the way to cuddle you when you are sad. I know where you are ticklish and where you are not. I know what makes you laugh and what makes you cry.

I know you, inside and out. I remember every milestone, I even remember the things that are not so important. I know all of this because you have become my life. From the moment you entered our lives, from the moment I became a Mother and you became my Daughter, I have dedicated myself to raising you, to loving you. 

You bring sunshine into my life. You make every moment brighter. You have made life fuller. I am so proud of the young girl you have become. You are caring and kind, gentle and compassionate. I will dedicate the rest of my life to nurturing all of your characteristics, supporting your dreams and I will cheer you on in all that you endeavour. 

I look at you and I fill with pride, love and adoration.

Happy Birthday my baby girl... go softly, step gently and dream big
You will make it far in this world, you will make it where ever you want to go and I will be right beside you, loving you in every step that you take

I love you, Dear Evelyn Rose

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