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Monday, 22 April 2013

You are ONE month old


Four weeks old, so long ago and yet such little time. A lifetime for you and just moments for me. You have blended into our family, your family, so peacefully, so easily. You belong here, with us, like there was never a moment that you weren't here. How lucky we are that you chose us, of all the families. How blessed we are, that you are our Daughter.

Being Mum to you has been so easy, so natural and so unexpectedly calm. I have a confidence in my decisions that I never had when Evelyn was a baby, we can thank her for teaching me that. Rather than worrying about what you are not yet doing, not achieving, I am able to relish in what you are doing. I am enjoying each moment for what it is and not looking forward to the next.

With a first born baby you find yourself constantly looking forward, constantly checking that you are baby is on the right track. In a sense you force the first born to grow up faster. But with you, Zali Bear, I don't want you to grow up. I want you to stay like this, forever. You get to just be as you, while I get to enjoy you as you are. 

You are a beautifully calm baby. You were born cranky and grumbly, you were even known in the hospital as "the cranky water baby". But you are just like your Mummy, the minute we walked you through our front door you became calm and relaxed and happy. You have been that way ever since. You give us 5 hours sleep at night. You sleep well through out the door. You fed well, constantly, but well. You have smiled, at only four weeks old. 

I can tell that you are happy to be a part of our family, I can feel it in your body, I can see it in your eyes. You belong with us, Dear Zali Bear. You are so loved, by all of us. But most especially you are loved by your big sister, Evelyn. She adores you. She spends her time comforting you, playing with you, cuddling and kissing you. You are the first person she wants to see in the morning and the last person she kisses at night. You are going to be a very lucky girl to have a sister like her and she is going to be just as lucky to have a friend in you.

I have loved watching you grow over the past four weeks and I cannot wait to continue to watch you blossom.

I love you, Dear Zali Bear

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