My Heart, Your Home: The Bump ~ 13 Weeks   

Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Bump ~ 13 Weeks

How much has happened in just one week, I cannot even begin to describe. It has been a week of the highest, highs and the absolute lowest lows. I have not had time to stop and savour a single moment of being pregnant, not even today as we photographed my baby Jelly. My mind is captured by other events. 

In this last 7 days, I have packed up my baby girls room into boxes, removed the decals from her walls, tears falling down my cheeks as I packed away the very last bits of baby I had left of what is my now beautiful little toddler. She has growing up fast and the moments of being a baby are now just a mere memory held tight within my heart. But now, I am unpacking her things and her memories into her very own "big girl" room, with excitement in my heart. My baby, growing up. So sad, yet so beautiful. So conflicting within her poor Mama's mind.

We left the town of Newport, the town I thought would be our home for ever. The town in which the school I adore for Miss E and Jelly resides. The town which I fell in love with only two short years ago. And we moved into the town of Mona Vale, the town which actually became my home. The town in which my life is actually lived. The beach that we adore, the one in which we play and swim and surf and smile. The town in which baby Jelly will be born. The town with a new school that I am slowly falling in love with. Our new home. 

We heard of my Aunty's passing and have been slowly coming to terms with all that it entails. The mixed bag of emotions, the confusion and anger, the sadness and sorrow. We celebrated my Step Fathers 52nd birthday, while he watched from above, missing him and wishing him peace and happiness. A week of loss and sadness.

It has been such a trialling and emotional week, highs and lows, each next emotion conflicting with the last and with the next. And in amongst all this pain and sadness, grows a small beam of beauty and happiness, of hopes and dreams, of life. My Jelly, here to remind us all of the meaning of life, the circle of life. With each life lost, comes a new life that must be celebrated.

Jelly, my mind may have been distracted but my heart never drifted far from yours. We each beat in synchronicity. You rest your growing body within mine, and I'll rest my aching heart next to yours. This week you have been my wings, you loved me and lifted me up. For that, I will forever be yours.

You and me babe, its us against the world

Things and Places to see - Mona Vale
Flying Fox Cafe & Park - Gorgeous Cafe and kids park situated right on Winnererremy Bay. Have a coffee while looking out to the yachts moored in the blue waters of pittwater while your children entertain themselves in the park 
The Armchair Collective - One very funky and very cruisey little cafe, delicious food, the best milkshakes and it has bouquets of flowers to sell as well as home decorations, cook books, kitchen ware etc. However it is not children friendly, so only visit with your hubby or girlfriends
Apex Park - This is mine and Evelyn's absolute favourite park. Multiple stations for young and older children, right on the beach and a kiosk close by for that caffeine hit we Mamas so desperately need at times 
Little Paper Lane - You must not come to Mona Vale without visiting one of the most adorably beautiful little stationary shops you ever will see! 


  1. So so beautiful Jess. You have captured that connection between mother and unborn child so incredibly beautifully. Thoughts and love your way, and wishing your next week be a gentle one xx

    1. Thank You honey

      It is an important connection, I dont want to forget it!

      I too, hope this week is a better one, this aching heart needs a rest

  2. Lovely photos Jess. So sorry to hear of your aunties passing.

    Hope you are settling in well to your new home. x

    1. Thank You for your kind words and thoughts

      Evelyn and I have taken the day to just.... be
      And I feel so much better for it xx

  3. That's all you can do,

    Take the time & just ... be.

    I am so sorry for your loss,

    But so happy for your jelly, & what a beautiful little belly you have.

    You are one stunning woman, x

    1. I have never enjoyed sitting and doing nothing as much as I have these last two days...
      Even surrounded by the boxes and the unfolded washing... this soul of mine just needs time to rest.

      Thank you Cherie xx

  4. This is such a gorgeous post. Heartfelt and sweet x