My Heart, Your Home: The Bump ~ 14 Weeks   

Monday, 17 September 2012

The Bump ~ 14 Weeks

This last week I put aside to let myself just sit and be. The week that was, was such a trialling week on my body and heart both physically and emotionally so I needed to take the time to rejuvenate and recharge so that I can tackle life with all my might moving forward. My body could not be any more grateful for the time out.

As my body recovered, Jelly's body thrived. On Saturday morning, we got to see our growing little bundle of baby, hear their heart beat and show Evelyn what her little baby actually looks like. Out of all the ultrasounds I have ever had, to see babies or just to see organs, it was by far the best and most exciting one of all. To have Evelyn there with me, holding my hand and pointing at her baby brother or sister whilst squealing. It was just the most heart melting and soul warming moment of little Jelly's little existence. It made me look forward and see what a beautiful little Sister my gorgeous little baby is going to make.

Evelyn has the kindest little heart, she walks gently on this earth. She watches the world go by with curiosity and she joins in with caution and care. She always stops a moment to touch and feel with the softest of hands and she looks on with the kindest most caring eyes, her Dadda's eyes. The eyes that I fell in love with. She is going to make such a beautiful sister. A soft, caring, protective Sister. The type of big Sister any young girl or boy would be more than lucky to have. The type of big Sister my little Jelly deserves. 

Seeing Jelly on that screen, with their little heart racing, their bones growing and their body forming gave me a little extra bonding juice. Gave me that little insight on who my Jelly is going to be, and he or she is going to be incredible. My children are going to change the world in ways that they will never know. My children have changed my world in a way I can never describe. My children, are wonderful and incredible and inspiring. 

With each day passed, and each day nearer I get to holding Jelly, my heart grows and swells just a little bit more. When I first fell pregnant with Jelly, I worried about how I could possibly ever love another child as much as I love Evelyn, but already, only 14 weeks in, I am beginning to see that I will just grow another heart. I will love this child as much as I love Evelyn and with every day that passes and every inch they grow, I will love them even more. How could I not? They are made with love, in the most purest form of love I can give from me to Anthony, they are us, they are our love, they are our gift. From each other, to each other and to the world.

Jelly, as you can tell, I could just not be anymore thrilled to be growing you. To be nourishing and nurturing you. To be loving and adoring you. You give me purpose and meaning and you will forever be my purpose and meaning. 

Its you and me babe, together we will change the world.

Things and Places to see - Freshwater (Harbord)
Pilu Restaurant - Chef hats by the sea! This italian restaurant is situated right on freshwater beach and is just divine! Anthony and I celebrated our first year anniversary here and had the most fantastic time, eating too much food and drinking too much wine. If you cant get the kids sat for a night, then go down by day to the kiosk which has a little tasting of what the restaurant is like. I recommend the suckling pig panini. 
The Hilton - Which is now known as "Harbord Beach Hotel" is a great little pub just up from the beach with an awesome menu. A little beer garden which is the perfect setting to walk off the beach into for an afternoon beer and some fish and chips.


  1. Love how your celebrating every week of your pregnancy Jess!!! The quality family time in doing so is just beautiful. Cindi

    1. Thanks Cindi! It is actually such a beautiful thing to do as a family, gives us the motivation to get out and go and do something differently every weekend and just be a family! xx