My Heart, Your Home: Dear 17 Month Old You...   

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Dear 17 Month Old You...

Today, the 3rd of September, you turned 17 months old. 

Today you are more loved than any other day, your personality and your attitude is stronger than ever before, you are taller, blonder, teeth-ier and sass-ier than ever before. You are my tiny little human who is leaving behind the baby days and welcoming the toddler years and I could just not be any more thrilled. Sometimes I honestly wonder to myself, when will I stop loving you more? When will my heart be too full of love? Because at this rate it grows that little bit more each and every day and I feel like it is going to explode into tiny little confetti pieces of love!

Every day now we are learning new things, body parts, words, objects, songs. In fact, only yesterday, your vocabulary grew from 'George' and 'gone' to now include 'dall' (ball) and 'shoes'. Thats my girl! I knew from very early on you were going to have an obsession with shoes, and now here we are. Shoes as one of your very first words, and an obsession with carrying them around, putting them on, taking them off, wearing them... all.the.time!

We have had some very hard and trialling months of late with both you and I being consistently sick throughout winter. We have been testing each others patience (mostly you, mine). But we are now on the other side of winter and welcoming in the spring with skirts and dresses and days in the sun, collecting shells and walking barefoot in the sand. 

We have been making a very conscious effort to ensure that each and every day we leave the house and we socialise and play and experience the outdoors. Always a new adventure to be had and new people to meet. Your personality is thriving because of this. Mummy has unfortunately had to be working 2-3 days a week for the past 6 months and you have not enjoyed all the extra time indoors, but this week will be the very end of that and I will be back to being 100% yours. My time and attention will not waiver. Spring and Summer will be ours to walk through the meadows hand in hand and play with the sun and the wind and the air.

Mummy is growing you a little Brother or Sister, I am trying to teach you at the moment that a baby is sleeping within my tummy. But so far all you want to do is tickle my tummy, tickle your brother or sister and this is ok with me.

This week is one of very mixed emotions for me. We are leaving our home, the apartment that you lived the first 17 months of your life in. The apartment that we created a home in, created a family in. But, we move into a new place, a house, with a back yard, that we get to create a new home in, that we get to extend our family in. I am sad to leave behind the lounge room that you took your first steps in, the bedroom that we snuggled and slept together in, the nursery that you laid your sleepy head to rest in every night. But I am excited to create new moments and memories in a home that I hope will make us all much happier.

You are such a shining light in mine and your Dadda's lives. You are a pure joy to have, a pleasure to watch grow. You astound me every single day and always bring a smile to my heart. You are teaching me and showing me all kinds of things that I would be missing if it weren't for you. You make me laugh, all the time. You make me happy. Truly happy. In a way that was unimaginable. Each and every month is just a joy, and each and every month just gets better than the last. 

I cannot thank the universe enough for lining up the stars and delivering you and your beautiful heart into my world. The angels must have been dancing the day they created you for me. You fill my life with song, my heart with joy and my body with love.

I love you, my precious Baby Girl xx

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