My Heart, Your Home: Merry Christmas   

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Merry Christmas

In the lead up to Christmas, through out Christmas and even in the two days since Christmas I really haven't had the moment to come here and to express my gratitude to you. So today, as I sit on the balcony over looking Avoca lake, I am taking that moment. 

I have been running this blog for just over four months and in that time I have "met" some truly wonderful woman... fellow bloggers and beautiful readers. People whom I actually considered to be friends. Yes, I may not know them "in real life", but the thing is, this blog and the world that has been created from it is... my real life. 

You have supported me through my pregnancy so far and I am sure you will support through to the birth. You have celebrated my successes with me and held my hand through all of my failures. At every moment that I have needed support or a cuddle or a kind word, you have been there. When I am proud, you are proud with me. When I am uncertain, you reassure me. When I have been sad, you have made me happy. You have given me an unknown support, one that just hasn't existed in my life before you. And so you see... you are about as real as you can get. The way you make me feel, is about as real as any other feeling. 

So, from the absolute bottom of my heart, I thank you. For every kind word, for every piece of advice, for every smile and for every cuddle. I thank you for the friendships and the conversations and I thank you for every single second of the last four months... it really has meant the world to me. This place has become my home and you have become my family.

From my family to yours I wish you all the happiness and joy in the world. I will celebrate your successes with you into the new year and I will always hold your hand through your sadnesses. There are no words strong enough or elaborate enough that can even begin to explain how blown away I am by YOU... you make me strive to be more, be greater, be me... and for that, I will forever try and give you the same in return.

Merry Christmas everyone, I cant wait to start the New Year with you!


  1. Merry Christmas to you too Jess! I know exactly how you feel! I've only been here for a short while too but feel like I've made some friends who always have something nice to say :) It's amazing how lovely people can be even when you have never actually 'met' them!

    Enjoy Avoca! I used to go there ALOT when I was little for summer holidays! I need to start taking Sunny.

    Sophie xo

    1. It is one of the most uplifting communities I have ever been a part of and I just love it!

      You should definitely get Sunny to Avoca, its a beautiful little corner of the world. Anthonys parents retired up here so we spend a bit of time here over Christmas and again at Easter xx