My Heart, Your Home: Onwards and Upwards   

Monday, 31 December 2012

Onwards and Upwards

2012 was quite a year and one that I am actually rather glad to see the back of. Mainly, because it was a tough year and I am craving the new slate of a new year and being able to put it all behind me. There is nothing quite as refreshing as starting a New Year, with new hopes and new beginnings in mind. I always find that it helps you to move past the things that you have been holding on to and letting go of any hurt, anger or pain you might have been carrying.

So, 2012, I say Goodbye to you and I put those bad memories to rest. I take hold of the good moments and the great days and I place them safely within my heart. Armoured with positivity and happy memories I am ready to take my first step into 2013 and start my new beginnings. I look forwards in anticipation and readiness and I am ready to tackle the new year with a new breath of gusto.

I have set myself out many resolutions this year, which is very unusual for me. But this year I want to make all about me and my perfect family. With a new baby only moments away and family bond I only want to strengthen it is time to put us first, and everyone else second. I have found over the last year that even amongst all of my own stress I was putting myself aside and trying to do and say as everyone else needed. This year, I am going to turn my phone off more, say no more, do what I want more and avoid negative situations and conversations more. 

I have spent too much time focusing on the bad moments in life, the disappointments and the regrets. So this year, I am going to spend less time talking about the negatives and more time focusing and talking about the positives, the moments that take your breath away. The moments  that, all to often, are drowned by the negatives. I will not drown my happiness!

This last year I have felt like I was letting myself disappear into my role as a Mum and was losing my self identity. So, this year, I want to go back to University. I want to finish my degree. I want to be someone that my children look up to, aspire to, are proud of. I want to be proud of myself and my accomplishments. So it is time to get back to doing something other than being a Mummy and putting some energy into my own well being.

I want to find my fire again. My creativity. Wether it be by putting more energy into this blog and finding inspiration in words, or wether it be drawing and painting, or maybe even a course in photography. Its time I find some inspiration from my life and an outlet.

And last but not least, I am going to sit down tomorrow and write a budget and I am going to make sure we actually live by that budget. I am going to get this family ahead in anyway I can, because I am tired of always falling behind. 

2013 is going to be a year of love, of happiness, of family, or self worth and of saving and I think it is going to be a fantastic year.

From my family and I, to you and yours I wish you every success in the new year and I truly cannot wait to share it all with you. I thank you, again, for helping me create this community here, this village, and for giving me something that my life was lacking previously. Your words and your support and your encouragement has been like no other and I hope that we can continue into 2013 as a positive and supportive community. 

Happy New Year, friends xx


  1. I like your resolutions Jess. Very similar thoughts here. I hope 2013 is amazing for you and your beautiful family xx

    1. Thank You Elisa!
      I hope the same for you and yours... I intend on making this year all about my family, we deserve it xxx