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Friday, 11 January 2013

Life's a beach...

Life by the beach, really is a beach, come summer holidays and this year there was nothing I needed more than to have a break, with my family, by the beach. The year dragged on, both Evelyn and I falling sick uncountable times, Anthony working too hard and life being just generally busy and taxing, so come December I found myself counting down the days. The days until we could stay up late and sleep in. The days until we could eat dinner in the backyard, have BBQs for lunch and breakfast for dinner. The days until we could lay the hours away on the beach, dig holes and builds castles and then swim the day away. The days until we could all cuddle in bed, at any time we liked. The days until we could just sit back and be together as a family.

Oh, I needed this Summer holiday... desperately. While some of it was tiring and exhausting, for the most part, it was exactly what a summer holiday should be. It was full of blue skies, clear water, friends, family, smiles and laughter. It was me, with my family, doing what we love best... being together. 

Evelyn grew up a lot of the holidays and I was sad to see those last teeny tiny bits of baby disappear but it just too exciting watching her grow and learn. Her vocabulary has doubled, she knows emotions and actions, she is learning colours, she can count to three, her entire learning ability sky rocketed. She hugs harder, always giving a squueze. She helps more. And most importantly, she just adored her two weeks with her Daddy. And he did, her.

A man with his Daughter is possibly the most beautiful connection I have ever seen. He loves her, in a way that I will never be able to and I guess in a way that I never want to be able to. Because that connection is theirs and I get to watch it blossom and grow. It is beautiful. She loves him, in a way that she will never love me. She has puppy dog eyes for her Daddy. Daddy is fun, he is energetic, he is big and strong, he is hers... completely. And she knows it!

My connection with Evelyn also grew over the break. She knows her Mama is a place of warmth and safety. She knows I am her comfort and her security. I am the one that knows her best, that provides her and understands her. I am the one she will turn to, always. I love being all of those things for her, I love watching her look for me in a time of need, or a time of pride. I love that she waits for me to validate her, to encourage and support her, to clap and cheer for her. I will always be here for her, to do those things, she can ALWAYS depend on me to be her comfort. 

She is our best friend. She is what makes summer holidays so highly anticipated and so enjoyable. She is the Summer, to our holidays. 

Here are a few snaps of our life by the beach this summer


  1. Lovely looks like you had a great holiday.

    And I love your words about being a your relationship with Evelyn...they are so spot on.
    Everything you listed is exactly why I love being Toddler C's mother.

    1. Being a Mother is honestly the biggest and most treasured privilege I have ever been given... these words only begin to describe it for me! Sometimes I dont know how we got so lucky :) xx

  2. Beach makes everything better don't you think?!!! Xx